How factoring can help different industries

Every industry has its own specifics. As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for solutions. Here’s how factoring can help entrepreneurs in sectors such as production, agriculture, retail, and transportation.

How can Alternative Data help reduce fraud risk

How AI Revolutionizes SMEs’ Access to Financing

AI revolutionizes the access of SMEs to financing: more accurate solvency assessment, efficient loan decisions, and addressing challenges through alternative data analysis.

Finanțarea capitalului de lucru printr-un marketplace

Accessing working capital through a marketplace. Advantages for SMEs

Working capital is important for any business. To access it easily, SMEs need a platform where banks, non-bank financial institutions, and private investors can bid on the invoices loaded by SMEs for the purpose of financing their receivables, with the beneficiary choosing the best available offer.

metode de menținere cah-flow pozitiv

5 ways to maintain a positive cash-flow

Choosing the most appropriate methods for maintaining a positive cash-flow should start with understanding the causes underlying a business’s liquidity deficit.

Ce este factoringul

What is and how can factoring be accessed?

Factoring is a working capital financing instrument. Discover what sets factoring apart from other financing methods, as well as how it can be accessed as an Alternative Financing option.